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We the members of the Portmore Seventh-day Adventist Church have created a website where we hope to give you more insight into the life of Jesus Christ. As we share and care, we try to ensure that you get an opportunity to be there when Jesus comes for us. Our lovely place of worship is situated in a vibrant and informative atmosphere with members filled with testimonies and qualities that resemble different petals of God's creation. We all come together to meet as one, to worship as a congregation who welcome visitors and non-believers with open arms, not to defer you but to let you experience God's warmth.


We trust that as you browse our pages, you will be informed, inspired and motivated. Informed about the various activities that we are involved in as well as the dates and times for worship services; inspired to learn how the Lord has been leading and guiding us over the years and motivated  to share Christ with others.


Our doors are opened every Saturday morning from 9:15 a.m. Feel free to join us for Sabbath School where we fellowship together, study the word, plan activities to reach our community through acts of kindness and arrange various evangelistic efforts.


 ~ Come and be blessed ~